Beam Central Vacuums

beamWith more power than upright vacuums, Beam removes 100% of contacted dust and dirt from your home. Cleaner, healthier living. Built in.

More than 2.5 million families around the world have experienced “Cleaner, Healthier Living. Built-In” by equipping their homes with Beam Central Vacuum Systems during the last 50-plus years. This blog was created to offer these families a forum to share their stories about improved indoor air quality, superior cleaning and unmatched cleaning convenience. And from time to time, we’ll update you with information about new products that improve upon the best whole-house cleaning system ever built. We’ll offer tips on how to use Beam products to solve cleaning problems you may not have considered before. And we’ll answer questions about installation and maintaining your system.
If you’re one of the 2.5 million people who have owned a Beam system, or are simply interested in how to achieve a higher standard of clean and better indoor air, we invite you to join our conversation.

Beam Central Vacuum Systems is the world's leading producer of built-in central vacuum systems. Beam is a part of the global appliance company, Electrolux. Founded in Webster City, Iowa, Beam has been producing central vacuum systems for over 50 years.


Central vacuums systems are built-in vacuums that link a hose and electric power brush to a central power unit with a collection canister. Special pipe is installed through interior walls, crawl spaces, attics or basements to connect the power unit with low-volt wall inlets.

A central vacuum system features three basic components: 1) a power unit, 2) piping system and inlets. Inlets are the connections in the wall where you plug in the hose—usually one inlet for every 750 square feet of living space; and 3) a hose, attachments and cleaning tools.

The power unit that includes the system motor and collection receptacle is usually in a garage, basement or utility room. The motor provides up to five times the cleaning power of a conventional vacuum. And, because the power unit is outside the living area, it does not exhaust inside the house to stir up more dust, dirt and allergens.

Central vacuums can be installed in new or existing homes.